Trust Sales Represented 

by the Botsford Group

What we can do for your property

The Botsford Group offers a unique and customized strategy that recognizes the full potential of your property's cost-to-benefit ratio. We follow a comprehensive approach that involves a detailed property assessment process, which includes a preliminary job walk by our trusted vendors. Based on our findings, we propose a scope of work and provide you with a budget estimate.

We offer interactive, step-by-step scheduling that includes a calendar of notable work and dates. We have access to professional troubleshooting systems and vendors that we oversee and coordinate on your behalf.

We design a custom tailored marketing plan to fit the unique goals of your property. Our marketing plan typically involves three stages: pre-launch, launch, and ongoing.

  1. Execute photography
  2. Develop copywriting and property description
  3. Define print and digital campaign strategy
  4. Develop buyer profiles
  1. Set live on the MLS and launch showings
  2. Begin organic media placements
  3. Submit listing to be featured on Compass California which reaches 45K+ followers
  4. Submit listings to be featured in the Compass newsletter that goes out daily to 25K+ Compass agents nationwide
  5. Launch print and digital ads campaign
  6. Conduct open house and private tours
  1. Promote to agent network groups
  2. Communicate to Compass agents via internal channels
  3. Optimize digital ad campaigns
  4. Listing is featured on which receives 5.3 M visitors per month which is larger than any other brokerage


With her successful completion of training and examination through the esteemed California Association of Realtors, Vicky Botsford has earned the distinguished title of Certified Probate and Trust Specialist. Armed with her extensive credentials, profound knowledge, and invaluable experience in managing Trust and Probate Sales, she possesses the expertise needed to expertly guide and handle any Trust or Probate sale.

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