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Get fronted for the cost of home improvement services with no interest — ever, with Compass Concierge.

The Botsford Group Concierge Services

The Botsford Group offers a unique and customized strategy that recognizes the full potential of your property's cost-to-benefit ratio. We follow a comprehensive approach that involves a detailed property assessment process, which includes a preliminary job walk by our trusted vendors. Based on our findings, we propose a scope of work and provide you with a budget estimate. We offer interactive, step-by-step scheduling that includes a calendar of notable work and dates. We have access to professional troubleshooting systems and vendors that we oversee and coordinate on your behalf.

Before and After

with the help of Concierge!

Concierge Can Help Pay For The Following:

Interior Services
Exterior Services
Hardwood floors or carpet installation
Appliance installation and replacement
HVAC installation and maintenance
Electrical work
Plumbing work
Chimney maintenance
Foundation/structural repairs
Environmental hazard remediation (e.g., mold and asbestos removal)
Pest control
Painting, wallpaper removal, and drywall removal
Plaster repairs
Glass replacement
Tile work installation and repairs
Screen replacement
Locksmith services
Cleaning and deep cleaning
Landscaping design and maintenance
Irrigation system installation and maintenance
Driveway repaving
Tree trimming and removal
Lighting installation and repairs
Painting services
Power washing
Stucco and masonry repairs
Pool and fountain maintenance

Get fronted for the cost of home improvement services with no interest — ever.

Compass Concierge is a hassle-free loan program that The Botsford Group has partnered with previously to help in transforming and getting houses, "market ready." 


How It Works

  1. We will work together to decide which services can increase your home’s value the most and set an estimated budget for the work.
  2. When you're ready to start, we will be by your side and help to engage vendors and commission work.
  3. Once the transformation is complete, your home will go on the market.
  4. You'll pay for the services when one of the following happens — your home sells, you terminate your listing agreement with Compass, or 12 months pass from your Concierge start date.

Learn how we can help sell your home faster and for a higher price with Concierge.

The Botsford Group

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This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation, recommendation, offer or promise to provide services. Rules & Exclusions apply. Compass offers no guarantee or warranty of results. Home must qualify under Compass Concierge guidelines. Subject to additional terms and conditions. Compass reserves the right to refuse, reject, or cancel the program for any reason at any time without liability.

Concierge Capital loans are provided by Notable Finance, LLC, NMLS# 1824748 and are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license. Loan eligibility is not guaranteed and all loans are subject to credit approval and underwriting by Notable. Compass is not a lender and is not providing loans as part of the Compass Concierge program.

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The Botsford Group boasts sales volume in excess of $40 million per annum and has received industry accolades for our excellent annual production.